Price Analysis of Beyond Protocol (BP) and PornVerse (PVERSE)

Beyond Protocol (BP) and PornVerse (PVERSE) have recently emerged as high gainers, and they seem to be sticking to their rallies. Therefore, CoinMarketCap has shared detailed information surrounding their performance and price predictions.

Beyond Protocol’s 24-hour Performance

On February 28, Beyond Protocol was exhibiting a unit price of $0.05253 per BP. However, the bulls rallied to push the price of Beyond Protocol to a higher level. They joined forces to launch a strong (229.34%) rally in the past 24-hours. This resulted in pushing the value of Beyond Protocol over $0.1725 per BP. The trading volume for Beyond Protocol has also been pushed up by 174.03%, and as of now, the exhibited volume is $2,354,335.

Beyond Protocol’s Price Predictions

Beyond Protocol is observing high support from the bulls in the past 24-hours, and the rally is expected to last for a longer period of time. If the rally continues, then the RSI for Beyond Protocol would travel higher into the positive zone. This would eventually result in pushing Beyond Protocol to $0.1127 per BP.

The bulls are not ready to give up their position to the bears and in order to stay there, they will keep putting more energy into the rally. Their focus is to keep putting in the effort that would keep pushing Beyond Protocol’s price higher. If the rally continues, then the price of Beyond Protocol may soon hit the second resistance mark ($0.1774).

If the bulls manage to muster enough buying power, then they will be able to push Beyond Protocol’s value to the third resistance mark. As of now, the third resistance mark for Beyond Protocol is $0.2282 per BP.

PornVerse’s 24-hour Performance

PornVerse has also taken the crypto-market by storm by demonstrating a 142.18% rally in the past 24-hours. At the time of publication, the value of PornVerse is hovering around $0.002109 per PVERSE. The trading volume for PornVerse is now $377,504, which has been recorded after observing a 398.11% rise.

PornVerse’s Price Predictions

So far, PornVerse has proven to be a highly lucrative security for investors as it has grown significantly in the past 24-hours. If the bulls decide to go for more accumulations of PornVerse, they may not face much pressure from the bears when they hit $0.003608.

However, the bears may increase their pressure as the price of PornVerse comes close to hitting the second resistance mark of $0.004891. This would be a strong challenge for the bulls to overcome and the bears may apply a lot of force from their end to deflect the bulls.

If the bulls are able to sustain the selling pressure applied by the bears, then PornVerse may grow up to its third resistance mark. At the time of writing, the third resistance mark for PornVerse is $0.006629.

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