Price Analysis of SonoCoin (SONO), Nfans (NFS), and World of Cryptoids (CAC)

With every new day within the cryptocurrency industry, different cryptocurrencies challenge each other in terms of performance. Several cryptocurrencies make their way to the top of the list on a daily basis but a few outperform the rest.

This time, the cryptocurrencies outperforming the rest of the cryptocurrencies are SonoCoin (SONO), Nfans (NFS), and World of Cryptoids (CAC). Based on the price elevations and rallies of these cryptocurrencies, several on-chain data analyzing firms have shared their analysis. The analysis for the three high performing cryptocurrencies has been laid out below:

SonoCoin observes an 82.74% Surge

In the past 24-hours, the value of SonoCoin has been pushed up by 82.74%, due to increased investment by the bulls. After the surge, the unit price of SonoCoin has reached up to $0.03751 per SONO.

In the same amount of time, the trading volume for SonoCoin has been pushed up by 27.10%. The trading volume figure for SonoCoin now stands at $76,110. The valuation for SonoCoin has been pushed up at the same rate, and currently stands at $1,059,914.

Price Prediction for SonoCoin

The trend line for SonoCoin is currently traveling within the positive zone and its price may continue elevating. The data suggest that SonoCoin is being backed up by investors with high sentiments. The investors are leaning towards the bullish trend and they may continue supporting the bulls in the upcoming days.

Therefore, the price of SonoCoin may grow up to $0.05302 per SONO. As the bulls keep going with the high rallies, then the price of SonoCoin may continue surging and may get pushed up to $0.06399 per SONO.

Nfans Observes an 82.24% Surge

Nfans (NFS) has reportedly hit a unit price of 0.09154 per NFS in the past 24-hours. According to the analysis report, it is an 82.24% surge that has resulted in pushing the price of Nfans to the particular mark.

The trading volume for Nfans is currently over $610k and it has reached the particular mark having experienced a 702.21% push in the past 24-hours.

With recurring support from the bulls and high rallies, Nfans is expected to grow up to $0.1291 per NFS. This won’t be the only high price for Nfans, as it would succeed in hitting the unit price of $0.1877 per NFS.

World of Cryptoids Observes 76.76% Surge

It was only 24-hours back World of Cryptoids was hovering at a low value of $3.49 per CAC. Within the 24-hour period, World of Cryptoids has surged by 76.76%, and now, its value is $4.66 per CAC.

If the rally manages to go on for a while and the bulls are able to fight off the bears, then World of Cryptoids may grow up to $6.44. If the bulls keep gaining momentum, then World of Cryptoids may rise to $7.68.

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