Price Analysis of OneLedger (OLT) and All Sports (SOC)

OneLedger (OLT) and All Sports (SOC) have surprised the entire cryptocurrency investment community with their strong rallies. The cryptocurrencies are under the spotlight and are being monitored closely by the on-chain data analyzing firms for their phenomenal gains in the past 24-hours.

Let us analyze the performance of OneLedge and Sports in the past 24-hours and see whether they have a bullish run ahead of them or bearish.

OneLedger (OLT) – RSI is at 78.71

At the moment, the OneLedger’s relative strength index is at 78.71, which is a strong indication of a bullish run for the cryptocurrency. This means that the investors may continue investing in OneLedger, which would keep increasing its worth in the market.

It was a 63.05% rally in the past 24-hours that drove the RSI for OneLedger into the bullish zone. Due to the rally, the trading price of the OLT/USDT pair has surged to $0.06536 per OLT.

The moving averages are also indicating a strong buying trend for OneLedger, which would continue pushing its price higher. If the sentiments of the investors keep leaning towards the buying preference, OneLedger’s price may surge to $0.09347 per OLT.

If the sentiments of the investors grow even more bullish, then the price of OneLedger may enter resistance after crossing the $0.1206 per OLT barrier.

All Sports (SOC) – RSI is at 65.44

All Sports is also experiencing a bullish trend as the investors are leaning towards acquiring it than selling it off. The preference of the All Sports is growing stronger as the rally keeps getting stronger with time.

In the past 24-hours, a 51.19% rally has been formed, pushing All Sports to a high price of $0.003623 per SOC. The RSI for All Sports is now at 65.44 and the general sentiments suggest that it is still going to grow higher.

As the RSI keeps supporting the actual trend line for All Sports, more investors will keep pouring money into the cause. This would eventually push the value of All Sports over into the resistance channel where the first barrier would be $0.008234 per SOC.

Once the RSI grows over 80, the situation would change for the bulls entirely. They will witness stronger support from the investors who will have faith in the RSI for All Sports.

With such high sentiments, the investors may continue investing in All Sports and see its price grow to a newer height. For now, the investors are aiming to build enough buying force which leads it to the resistance area.

The particular zone will be access once the bulls increase their buying power and All Sports ends up growing over the $0.01000 per SOC mark.

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