Price Analysis of XBX (XBX) and DAV Network (DAV)


From March 26 to March 29, the bears had complete control of XBX’s trend. Therefore, they kept it running in the form of lower prices. Between the particular ranges, the average unit price of XBX was around $0.0005574 per XBX.

Despite the attempts made by the bulls to hit and cross the $0.0006000 per XBX barrier, the bulls were not able to do it. Each attempt they made ended up turning into a failure because the bears were in strong numbers and power.

However, the bulls have turned the trend against the bears in the past 24-hours with their strong acquisition ability. The bulls have formed a 60.00% rally, which has soared XBX from a low value to a high value ($0.001338).

The bulls have not only crossed the $0.0006000 barrier but they have also crossed the $0.001000 per XBX barrier in the past 24-hours. Even trading volume for XBX is moving in the upper zone.

If the bulls keep going for the positive sprint, then they may find success in breaking through the strong barriers of the bears. If that happens, then the price of XBX may surge to a high of $0.0016797 per XBX. If the momentum keeps building, then the price of XBX may surge to $0.001999 per XBX.

If the bulls continue pushing the price of Inverse Finance higher, then very soon, they will be able to push XBX into the resistance territory.

DAV Network

DAV Network has also moved in the higher direction in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have demonstrated strong acquisition sentiments. The rally formed by the buyers in the past 24-hours is 37.9%, and if it continues rising, then the price of DAV Network may surge to newer heights.

For the time being, the bulls are sustaining heavy pressure coming in from the bears at $0.002673 per DAV, but they are not ready to give up their position. If the bulls continue pouring in the same amount of money as they did in the last 24-hours, DAV Network’s price may surge to $0.002933 per DAV.

Once the RSI and the moving averages for DAV Network move into the bullish zone and start following the same trend, DAV Network’s price may surge to $0.003244 per DAV.

When the RSI and other factors are in favor of the strong trend, then it may get easier for the bulls to hit another high note. This time, they may increase their buying power in order to push Inverse Finance all the way up to $0.003524 per DAV. If the bulls are able to muster enough buying force, they will definitely be able to hit the particular mark.

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