Price Analysis of MetagamZ (METAG) and Zap (ZAP)

MetagamZ and Zap have reportedly performed well in today’s crypto market. Their high performances are the rally buildups that were recorded for both METAG and Zap in the past 24-hours. Both METAG and Zap are currently under the microscope and the investors want to see how far these cryptocurrencies may go.

MetagamZ (METAG) – Price to Surge to $0.007539

The price of MetagamZ has been surging higher in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have rallied to push its price to new heights. The analysis shows that in the past 24-hours, the price of MetagamZ has experienced an 85.8% elevation. With the rally, the bulls have carried the price of MetagamZ from a low of $0.001689 per METAG to a high of $0.003251 per METAG.

If the sentiments of the bulls keep growing higher, the bears may not be able to stop them. This would result in pushing the price of MetagamZ to a high of $0.005134 per METAG.

Even now, the trading volume for MetagamZ is constantly growing higher, which is confirming that the bullish trend has not ended. At present, the trading volume for MetagamZ is worth $282,992, and as it continues to grow stronger, the investors may also increase their investments.

This would push the price of MetagamZ to a high of $0.006851 per METAG. At the moment, the summary scale for MetagamZ is showing the “buy” preferences of the investors. If the trend moves towards a “strong-buy”, it would suggest that the RSI has also moved higher within the bullish zone.

In this particular case, the price of MetagamZ may end up escalating to a high resistance mark. At the time of writing, the high resistance mark is worth $0.007539 per METAG.

Zap (ZAP) – Price to Surge to $0.1988

Zap bears are also fearing the bulls at the moment because the bulls have formed a strong rally in the past 24-hours. The strong buying sentiments of the bulls have even compelled the investors to come to their aid. This has helped the bulls form a 93.9% rally, causing the price of Zap to swell to $0.01307 per ZAP.

Before the push, the trading price of the ZAP/USDT pair was at a low of $0.006585 per ZAP. The trading volume for Zap is also growing higher and it is currently at $320,096.

If the trend for Zap keeps moving in the upper channel, then the price of Zap may grow up to $0.01834 per ZAP. Going forward, the bulls may attempt to break the barriers formed by bears at $0.1900. If the bulls break through those defenses, then the price of Zap may rise up to $0.1988 per ZAP.

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