Price Analysis of MARBLEX (MBX) and DigitalBits (XDB)

Among the cryptocurrencies demonstrating worst performances in the past 24-hours, MARBLEX and DigitalBits have earned the spotlight for their performances. MBX and XDB have been the talk of the day due to their bad performances and the analysts are eager to see how low these cryptocurrencies can fall.

So far, the bears are showing no mercy as they have been selling MBX and XDB at very high rates. This means that their prices may continue diving deeper. Let us analyze their current market situation and see what would be the situation of these cryptocurrencies if the bears continue selling them.

MARBLEX Plummeted by 25.55%

In the past 24-hours, MARBLEX has shifted from being a high-performing cryptocurrency to a disappointing one. For many days, the bulls tried hard to sustain the constant selling pressure of the bears. However, they were not able to hold them any longer, and finally, their support ended for MARBLEX in the past 24-hours.

This is when the bulls stopped buying any major or minor dip created by the bears. As a result, the price of MARBLEX has been diving downwards in the past 24-hours, and so far, a 25.55% dip has been formed.

The price of MARBLEX started moving downwards from a high of $52.6 per MBX and at the time of publication, it is at a low of $39.19 per MBX.

Despite such a long-selling spree, the bears haven’t ended their selling run. They are still adamant about selling more MARBLEX and this may continue putting a lot of pressure on the bulls. Although the bulls are not showing any support for MARBLEX, the bears are trying to kill any future attempts by the bulls as well.

If the bearish trend continues, the RSI may soon fall deeper into the negative trend. This would result in pulling the price of MARBLEX down to $34.35 per MBX. If the bulls do not come to save MARBLEX, then the bears may continue with their assault, dipping MARBLEX further down to $27.99 per MBX.

DigitalBits Plummeted by 23.85%

The situation is no different for the DigitalBits as the digital has been experiencing a dip for the past 24-hours. The bears have shown great strength in selling DigitalBits without any break in the past 24-hours. This is the reason why a 23.85% dip has been formed and the bulls are nowhere to be found.

The tumble has caused the price of DigitalBits to descend from a high of $0.48 per XDB to a low of $0.3546 per XDB.

Even now, the bears continue selling DigitalBits, and if this activity lasts longer, the price of DigitalBits may dip to $0.2318 per XDB.

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