Price Analysis of Ziktalk (ZIK) and Metal Swap (METAL)

Ziktalk (ZIK) Price Uplifted by 3697.1%

Ziktalk bulls have reportedly annihilated the selling trend launched by the bears with their gigantic rally in the past 24-hours. At the time of writing, Ziktalk is exhibiting a unit price of $0.04515 per ZIK. However, the price of Ziktalk was at a low of $0.001196 per ZIK before the rally was launched.

This is a huge achievement for the investors that had been supporting the bullish trend for Ziktalk. Even after such a strong demonstration, the bulls are showing no signs of slowing down. They are aiming to continue with their rally but and push Ziktalk to higher prices

In near future, the price of Ziktalk may grow up to a new resistance benchmark. For now, the price analysis for Ziktalk suggests that the bulls may attempt to push it up to $0.08334 per ZIK. As the pressure stays over the bears, then they may continue backing out against the strong buying power of the bulls.

This would allow the bulls to push the price of Ziktalk to a high resistance mark of $0.1247 per ZIK. If the rally continues growing stronger and the neutral investors also support Ziktalk bulls, then its price may surge to $0.1833 per ZIK.

Metal Swap (METAL) Price Uplifted by 618.5%

Meta Swap buyers may not be as strong as the ZIktalk buyers but they are also very high-spirited. The Meta Swap bulls have also launched a strong 618.5% rally in the past 24-hours, pushing Meta Swap’s price up to $0.00009540 per METAL.

The recorded price for Meta Swap prior to the strong rally was at a low of $0.00001305 per METAL. For now, the bulls are trying to set a stronger bullish trend, and for this purpose, they are acquiring Meta Swap at a high level. This would eventually push the price of Meta Swap to $0.0001368 per METAL.

If the bulls show no mercy to the bears and keep flushing them out of the competition, then the price of Meta Swap may rise all the way up to $0.0001919 per METAL.

In order to keep the trend running, the bulls will need to bring all the technical factors into their favor. To keep the rally running and have the price of Metal Swap grow higher, the bulls may have to bring the RSI up to the bullish zone.

Once the RSI for Metal Swap moves over the midline, then the investors may gain more confidence. The more the investors grow determined, the higher their investments would be. Therefore, the bulls will have to go for stronger gains and make sure that the summary scale for Metal Swap shows “buying” sentiments.

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