Price Analysis of Pawtocol (UPI) and PANDAINU (PWT)

At the moment, Pawtocol (UPI) and PANDAINU (PWT) have stolen the show within the crypto-market with their strong rallies. Therefore, CoinMarketCap has shared its analysis report for both cryptocurrencies for a clearer understanding of their market situation.

Pawtocol May Grow up to $0.2153 or Plummet to $0.06399

In the past 24-hours, the bulls have formed a 105.15% rally, only to push the price of Pawtocol up to $0.09876 per UPI. The strong buying power of the bulls has also pushed up the trading volume for Pawtocol to $44,806,652, following a 1339.72% surge in the past 24-hours.

The market capacity of Pawtocol has also jumped at the same rate as the rally, pushing the valuation up to $26,255,630.

If the bulls keep exerting high buying pressure, then the bears may start pulling out, and the value for Pawtocol may start growing. In the upcoming days, the price of Pawtocol may grow up to its first strong resistance mark of $0.1506 per UPI.

If the bulls keep buying Pawtocol, the demand for the digital asset would grow significantly, and it may end up hitting a value of $0.1903 per UPI.

The data suggests that the bulls may attempt to bring the RSI for Pawtocol to their favor, into the positive zone. If that happens, then the price of Pawtocol may grow up to $0.2153 per UPI.

On the contrary, the bears may start putting extra pressure on the bulls with strong selling sentiments. If the bears manage to make it happen, and the bulls start feeling the pressure, then they may succeed in pushing Pawtocol down to $0.07900 per UPI.

The bears may make another attempt to cause another major negative impact to the price of Pawtocol. To make it happen, the bears may increase the selling power, and if the RSI gets moved into the bearish zone, then Pawtocol may dip to $0.06399.

PANDAINU May Grow up to $0.01319 or Plummet to $0.005744

PNADAINU (PWT) is also among the high-performing assets in the 24-hours within the crypto-verse. The digital asset has grown by 97.63% in value in the past 24-hours, and its value is now at $0.008865 per PWT.

The trading volume for PNADAINU is also surging with its value but the growth rate is much higher. At present, PNADAINU’s trading volume is at $210,263, after observing 925.95% growth.

The analysis for PNADAINU suggests that the rallies formed by the bulls may push PNADAINU to $0.01319 per PWT. If the bulls remain determined and keep buying even the slightest of the dips that the bears create while resisting, then PNADAINU may rise to $0.01641.

On the other hand, the bears may attempt to move RSI for PNADAINU to the negative area. If they succeed in doing that, then the price of PNADAINU may sink to $0.007092 per PWT. If the bears are able to stand their ground against the heavy buying activity of the bulls, then they may succeed in pushing PNADAINU down to $0.005744.

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