Price Analysis of PayRue (PROPEL), Sportoken (SPT), and EQO (EQO)

It is time to look at the performance of three cryptocurrencies currently recording high support from their buyers. According to analysis from Coingecko, PayRue (PROPEL), Sportoken (SPT), and EQO (EQO) have propelled at a significant rate. These cryptocurrencies have observed a high jump in their prices compared to the ones exhibited 24-hours back.

PayRue Swells by 95.98%

The buyers of PayRue seem to have increased their accumulation efforts in the past 24-hours, which has reportedly shaped a 95.98% rally. Due to the high rally, the value of PayRue has escalated to $0.0001432 per PROPEL.

The buyers currently have high confidence in the price of PayRue and they may continue pushing harder to elevate its value. The bulls may attempt to push the RSI for PayRue to the positive region. If that happens, then the price of PayRue may rise to $0.0002119 per PROPEL.

The high-interest level of the bulls in hitting the high resistance marks would keep them motivated in forming strong rallies. If the buyers keep pouring in more investments, then PayRue may get pushed up to $0.0002119 per PROPEL. The bulls would make another attempt to hit the major resistance mark if the investors remain positive about PayRue’s trend. As a result, PayRue may rise up to $0.0002943 per PROPEL.

Sportoken Swells by 61.00%

Sportoken is also exhibiting a high investment rate from the buyers, which is why Sportoken has observed a 61% march in a 24-hour window. The value of Sportoken is now at $0.00005769 per SPT, and if the bulls keep pushing harder, then Sportoken may rise up to the overhead resistance mark ($0.00007528).

The buyers may continue with their acquisition spree in order to support the bullish trend. Their efforts may keep the bulls rallied and achieve higher resistance milestones in the due course. For now, the RSI is hovering at the midline.

If the bulls continue applying more buying force, then the price of Sportoken may rise to $0.00008676 per SPT. The bulls may implement even more force in near future to push Sportoken’s price up to the third resistance mark. As of now, the third resistance mark for Sportoken is $0.00009338 per SPT.

EQO Swells by 55.40%

EQO (EQO) investors have also demonstrated strong sentiments for the digital asset, which is visible from their investment. As of now, the investors have achieved a 55.40% rally, pushing the unit price of EQO to $0.2640 per EQO. In the upcoming days, the unit price of EQO may hit a high resistance mark ($0.3371).

If the buyers show great acquisition ability for EQO, then the bears may back out. This would result in pushing the value of EQO up to $0.3838. Going forward, the buying power of the investors may become intense, pushing the unit price of EQO to $0.4104 per EQO.

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