Solana Ecosystem to Grow With the New Capital Of About $40 Million Funds Raised by MXC and OKEx

Today, the Solana layer-1 proof of stake blockchain’s overseers, Solana Foundation, has declared its partnership with cryptocurrency exchanges MXC and OKEx, which will lead to the raising of strategic funds that will bring new capital of about $40 million to speed up the development of the major project in the SOL ecosystem.

The Solana network has grown exponentially, with validators in the community all around the world rising to over 560 and have produced more than 70 million blocks, and have processed more than 14 billion transactions.

Since the mainnet beta was launched in 2020, the foundation has attracted a number of recognized projects like Chainlink, Serum, Terra, USDT, USDC, Audius, and others to make use of its blockchain.

The president of Solana Foundation, Anatoly Yakovenko, said that the SOL Ecosystem has increased tremendously in the last few months, having witnessed a remarkable increase in the volume of projects and dedicated developers. Adding more to it, he said that they are really happy to announce the fresh partners, MXC and Block Dream Fund of OKEx, to the SOL ecosystem, and they are ready to work hand in hand with them to roll out the next series of dApps that will win the market.

The OKEx’s Block Dream Fund

Through the Block Dream Fund run by OKEx, projects on the Solana ecosystem will have access to the services and resources that will play an intrinsic role in the adoption and activation of the community. This covers the endorsements, publicity, and even support from the international market.

Recounting the words of the founder of Block Dream Fund, Dora, she said that it is a great pleasure to partner with the SOL Foundation. And she said that they are very excited to see the partnership work to support quality projects and their development. We will collaborate to increase the size of the market for the products and the volume of users of the blockchain industry while continuing to establish value, she stated. In the end, she said that on their side, they would look forward to supporting every company built on Solana continually.

Established in 2018, MXC rose to become one of the leading crypto exchanges for spot trading in China and the Asia region. The exchange possessed a license of compliance in five different countries and has about 752 trading pairs with an average trading volume of $4 billion daily.

With their investment in Solana, the exchange is looking forward to providing guidance and resources to projects aiming to enter the retail and institutional markets in Asia.

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