When It Comes to Crypto, Women Are More Eager To Invest Than Men

The days are long gone when women were disregarded in the most famous Wall Street.

They were not even admired for being financial advisers and investors. In fact were straightforwardly rejected on the man-made assumption that the financial industry is not for them. However, it was a formidable past that has now been buried deep in the sands of times. Today not only women are investors but they are part of the Wall Street and many are famous globally as financial advisers.

When the very first digital coin was launched in 2009, it gave rise to more women’s power. Because the crypto industry was open to everyone without much of difficulty, therefore, women too joined the industry. Now there is an equal amount of curiosity amongst both, women and men, regarding Bitcoin and crypto. They both wish to fully understand the concept of crypto and are willing to put their money therein.

Crypto has in fact leveled the playing field for both genders and, at the same time, allowed equal opportunities to both of them.

Even in the countries like the US, women were and are not treated equally. This is evident from the fact that in 2020 women were paid 18% less than men in the US. This in turn created more difficulties and hardships for the women and the majority of working-class women started to look for alternatives. The alternative they found was “crypto” and rightly so.

One of the well-known female who is a personal finance adviser, Suze Orman, had recently talked about Bitcoin. She was being interviewed by Yahoo Finance where this female adviser expressed her love regarding Bitcoin. She insisted upon other women to lend their support to Bitcoin if they want to support their future. She also advised that those willing to invest in crypto should start with US$ 100 each every month.

One of the independent entities within the crypto industry, Gemini, has recently concluded a survey. The survey was to find out who is willing to invest within the crypto. When the survey was concluded, it made some shocking revelations and findings.

It was revealed in the survey that almost 40% of the women are seeking to invest in digital assets. While there was a further 39% of women who told that before making any move, they wanted to learn what crypto really is. After learning, they too are willing to be a part of crypto by becoming an investor. This shows that women are looking forward to exploring more financial options than men.

Similarly, if one looks at the US Senate, then there is one prominent Senator namely Cynthia Lummis. Lummis is considered a role model for women who thinks crypto is the answer to their future. Earlier when she was running for the Senate, she told that she herself was a Bitcoiner for quite a long time. She also stated that there is a need to educate members of the Senate regarding the benefits of crypto. Now she is a Senator, she strongly speaks in favor of crypto and is insisting upon colleague Senators to derive benefits from crypto.

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