Stablecoins That Have Taken Huge Impact Due to terraUSD Crash

On May 8, the entire world got to know the severity and impact of a single cryptocurrency going down. As the terraUSD (UST) experienced the crash, it took the entire cryptocurrency industry with it.

UST’s price experienced over 70% demise from May 8 to May 12. Even now, when the trading price of the USD-pegged UST stablecoin must be close to $1.00, it is around $0.6687 per UST.

This has pushed the entire cryptocurrency investment community into a corner. In a matter of 5 days, the cryptocurrency sector witnessed $900 billion leaving the entire market.

Although it was just the UST and LUNA that faced the issue, its impact was felt throughout the crypto-verse. People were in the fear of the entire cryptocurrency industry experiencing a great dip.

This ended up lowering the confidence of the investors and they start to back off from their investments in cryptocurrencies. Everyone wanted to save their money and due to the UST crisis, other stablecoins also ended up taking huge dips.

Listed below are stablecoins that also ended up facing the same kind of impact as the UST. Their prices also fell down and they are still trying to recover to their old USD-pegged values.

Tribe (TRIBE)

The current trading price of the TRIBE/USD pair is currently standing at $0.2522. Tribe has experienced a 52.39% dip the recent period. The overall trading volume Tribe has hit is worth $114,330,470. The 24-hour trading volume Tribe has hit is worth $6,122,915.

DefiDollar (DUSD)

At present, DefiDollar’s trading price versus the US dollar worth $0.5301 per DUSD. DUSD has experienced a 44.65% dip in the particular period and its valuation has also dipped at the same rate. The 24-hour trading volume being recorded for DefiDollar is worth $202,224.


At the time of writing, the trading price of the XSGD/USD pair is standing at $0.6843 per XSGD. The trading volume for XSGD for the 24-hour period is worth $191,200. The market valuation for XSGD has also dipped to $105,668,830.

Diamond Platform Token (DPT)

The trading price of Diamond Platform Token currently stands a low of $0.2899 versus the USD. It has experienced a 62.33% dip in a 24-hour period. The 24-hour trading volume for Diamond Platform Token is down to $1,435.

USD Bancor (USDB)

At the time of publication, USD Bancor is standing at a low trading price of $0.3715 versus the USD. USD Bancor has reportedly suffered from a 34.45% dip bringing it down to its current price. The trading volume for USD Bancor in the past 24-hours is worth $307. The current ranking of USD Bancor among the stablecoins is 64.

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