Meta Wedding Concept Reaches Dubai

A wedding of its kind, which took place entirely virtual, took place in the global village city of Dubai. Wedding formalities such as signing of wedding contracts till the exchange of wedding rings, all took place virtually.

A couple recently tied into a marriage relationship found no better way to become husband and wife but to arrange their entire wedding formalities in Metaverse. The wedding took place in Dubai on 19th May which marked the first ever Metaverse wedding in the entire UAE. In fact the entire family of bride (Liz Nunez) and groom (Florian Ughetto) were virtually present and showered their blessings upon the newly wedded couple.

It was reported that the entire wedding arrangements, including ceremonial formalities, were all hosted at Metaverse space of ‘Decentraland’. Amongst the attendees were the immediately families of bride and groom as well as their close friends. The couple mutually decided that they will be marrying virtually. For this, they had also purchased a virtual property for hundred dollars prior to their wedding from the virtual properties’ auctioneer namely OpenSea. Both, the bride and groom, worn matching color dresses and made their way towards the aisle walking down gracefully.

It was further reported that the marriage ceremony of the coupled took place simultaneously at three different places. The primary place was Decentraland, however, the guests attended the wedding through from Dubai’s Springs Community and through Zoom.

Reportedly, the couple’s dresses were designed by Ketevan, which too were obtained from a popular blockchain known as ‘Polygon’.

Under the wedding arrangements, the couples were made to execute virtual contracts for wedding. Similarly, wedding rings too were purely virtual and were exchanged between the couples in the shape of NFTs.

On the other hand, Amnesia Ibiza provided its virtual space to the couple for the post-wedding party. Reportedly, the party was huge which was attended by virtual guests from more than dozen different countries of the world.

While speaking to the guests, family and friends, the couple showed their intention of launching an easy wedding initiative as their future business. They said that will launch their collective business under the banner of ‘Easy Wedding’, where they will be hosting virtual wedding. They further said that cross-borders weddings cost too much and pose several challenges. “We can eradicate these challenges and bring far living couples closer to each other for which Easy Wedding can play a crucial role”, said the couple.

As per the news reports, the couple initially planned to hold their marriage ceremony in Georgia. Unfortunately, they couldn’t because the pandemic came in 2019.However, they got married in the simplest manner. Yet, they decided that they will hold proper marriage ceremony which they had kept postponed until the appropriate time. Finally, it was through Metaverse that they successfully got married to each other apparently in a more unique fashion.

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